Since March 2020, Strategic North has been working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 18 months later, team members were finally able to be physically reunited with one fantastic summer reunion party post-COVID. 
An exciting event identity was required, along with implementing roll-out for the party itself; appealing to both existing 'Northers' and also the new joiners who needed to feel included having started their Strategic North time virtually.
The overarching concept behind the event's identity was one of 'earned your lockdown badges.'  This revolves around satirically reflecting on the difficult times of lockdown and the pandemic as a whole; yet celebrating resilience and recalling our stories of the pandemic like a badge of honour. 
Naturally this meant that idea generation had to be delicate. Revisions were required to ensure that ideas err on the side of positive humour, rather than anything too divisive or insensitive. From there, illustrations were designed and placed onto an array of physical, digital, and environmental collateral.


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